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Online registration – Privacy policy
Users can register online using the registration screen. A number of questions are optional and are not mandatory. These have been clearly indicated. All details filled in by yourself shall be stored in the database owned and administered by Privacy terms and conditions are applicable and we shall bring every effort to bear to safeguard your personal details.

These details are processed by KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK N.V./S.A. for the purpose of customer administration, market surveys and with a view to conducting personalised information and promotion campaigns with regard to our products and services. If you do not wish to receive such information, please let us know either by e-mail (, by fax at +32/(0)50-318358) or by letter.
These details can also be used for the purpose of personalising publicity materials and promotional efforts. You have the right to access, inspect and revise your personal details.

We do NOT share this information with third parties, with the exception of our local dealer of your choice, in the event that you place an order with us. We only sell direct to customers in Belgium or countries where we do not have a local dealers. Orders placed by customers from countries where we have a local dealer, shall be processed by that dealer.

Copyright 1995-2010. All models, texts and pictures are property of Kunstateliers Slabbinck nv and are protected by International and USA copyright. All rights reserved.
"Slabbinck" is a registered brand name and a European Trade Mark (CTM) N° 000020024 (registration 05/01/1998).

Further questions?
If you have any further queries with regard to the policy detailed above, please feel free to contact us at


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