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Kunstateliers Slabbinck nv
050 / 31 25 57
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Opendeurdagen 2014
Van 20 t.e.m. 24 oktober in Bastogne,

van 3 t.e.m. 7 november in Brugge,

en van 17 t.e.m. 21 november in het Pastoraal Informatie Centrum in Hasselt.

Openingsuren van 9 tot 17 uur doorlopend.

5% korting op meegenomen artikelen en 5% bijkomende korting op direct betaalde bestellingen. Meer informatie.

Assisi by Slabbinck - collection of economical vestments

Due to your many requests for economically priced vestments, we introduce "Assisi by Slabbinck", a collection of budget albs and chasubles.

Suggestions for Deacons
Dalmatics, deacon stoles and other articles. more

Click here to discover our home linen collection, with custom made bed, table and bathlinens.

todayFriday, October 31st 2014
saintFriday of the Thirtieth Week of Ordinary Time
colorThe liturgical colour is Green
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