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Kunstateliers Slabbinck nv
050 / 31 25 57
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About us

Slabbinck is a family owned business, that has been providing fine liturgical vestments to the church since 1903. We operate from Bruges, Belgium, where our offices and workshops are located. Bruges is recognized as a World Heritage city by UNESCO. Our company is the modern day ambassador of a centuries-old craftsmanship of gold embroiderers. We serve the clergy through our network of fine dealers in 40 countries, and through this website. It will be our honour to receive your orders and to be at your service!

Back into time ...
1903 Founder Hendrik Slabbinck becomes "Master in the Guild of the Gold Embroiderers", and starts a workshop in his parents’ attic. Our company is born!
1919 After World War I contacts are made in Germany, Austria, Italy, USA and Canada.
1923 First catalogue in black and white is offered.
1924 Second Generation, Maurice Slabbinck joins the company as an apprentice.
1940-44 Second World War. Unique “needle-painted” embroideries were made.
1961 Marc Slabbinck, third generation joins the company.
1963 Dirk Slabbinck, brother of Marc, joins the company.
1965 Death of Hendrik Slabbinck.
1974 Move to new premises in the “Lieven Bauwensstraat”.
1984 Expansion of premises. Death of Maurice Slabbinck.
1993 Mathias Slabbinck, fourth generation joins the company.
1996 First version of the website goes online
1998 Mirabel and Viktor Slabbinck, members of the fourth generation, join the company.
2000 Major expansion to enlarge the workshop and the warehouse.
2002 Launch of Mirabel Slabbinck Home linens
2008 Our 105th anniversary.
2009 New website is launched
2011 Acquisition of Stadelmaier BV

World headquarters:
Kunstateliers Slabbinck nv
L. Bauwensstraat 18
B-8200 BRUGGE (Belgium)

info dealerKunstateliers Slabbinck nv | L. Bauwensstraat 18 B - 8200 Sint-Andries (Brugge) - Tel. : 050 / 31 25 57 - F. : 050 / 31 83 58 -