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Kunstateliers Slabbinck nv
0032 50 / 31 25 57
5312 Aroma Burner C$ 106.00


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•Scent-burner and incense-burner• , diametre (on top): 18 cm (7"), height 11 cm (41/3"). Also included: sand, tea-light holder, tea-light, 2 flasks of natural scent and the steel brush.
This burner can be used as scent-burner, as well as incense-burner. As scent-burner: some sand is placed at the bottom of the burner, on which a tea-light is placed. On top of the burner, a steel filter with a small amount of the scent is placed. The flame then burns the scent. The flask of natural scents contains: ceder wood, calmus roots, mirre and benzoe.
As incense burner: as the scent-burner, but a layer of sand is also placed on the steel filter, on which the incense is placed. Easy to maintain, the rests are wiped off with the steel brush.

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