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Jubilee of Mercy

Slabbinck has obtained an official license of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization for the use of the logo of the Jubilee of Mercy. A canon will be paid to the Pontifical Council.

The motto “Merciful Like the Father” (taken from the Gospel of Luke, 6:36) serves as an invitation to follow the merciful example of the Father who asks us not to judge or condemn but to forgive and to give love and forgiveness without measure. The logo - the work of Jesuit Father Marko I. Rupnik - represents an image of the Son having taken upon his shoulders the lost soul demonstrating that it is the love of Christ that brings to completion the mystery of his incarnation culminating in redemption.

Also available in English (USA , Great Britain, Ireland, Canada), Latin, French (Belgique, France, Suisse, Canada), Spanish (España, México, otros países), Portuguese (Portugal, Brasil), Polish, German (Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich) and Italy.


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