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4647 - Wandbehang

Wedding-tapestry. These tapestries are manufactured in Omega or Seta fabric, and can also be supplied as altar or lectern covers. They create a warm atmosphere, inspiring peace, quiet and prayer, befitting any liturgical room, office, hall or assembly room. They have an exquisite comibination of colourful appliqué with gold and wool thread embroidery. They are lined and interlined, and their tops and bottoms are finished with an open hem to hold a hanging rod. Also available at extra charge: upper loops (height 6" /15 cm) and lower fringes (length 4"/10 cm).

Technische Daten

Stoff Omega
Farbe Weiss
Länge 47 " / 120 cm
Breite 18 " / 45 cm
FS 435,00
Optionen werden im Warenkorb angezeigt
  • Wird normalerweise innerhalb von 30 Arbeitstagen verschickt.
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