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We are honored to supply the paraments for the visit of the Holy Father to Indonesia from September 2 to 13, 2024

It is a privilege to provide, among other things, the mitres that will be worn, adorned with a beautiful cross incorporating elements from all over Indonesia. You can watch the production video here.
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Cope for the visit of Pope Francis to Indonesia

We were proud to create the cope worn by Pope Francis during his visit to Indonesia in September 2024. We were also commissioned to make 61 mitres for all the concelebrants. The exquisite cross designs embody elements from all regions of Indonesia, making this a unique creation.
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Custom made Marian chasuble for the USA - watch the video.

Custom made Marian chasuble for the USA - watch the video.
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Banner for Holland, watch the video.

We are grateful to provide custom made banners, made by hand. This allows us to create the perfect banner with the customer, according to his/her specific wishes.
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Mitra pretiosa

Proud to make this beautiful Mitra pretiosa, a richly adorned mitre, signifying the spiritual authority and dignity of the episcopal office. The Mitra pretiosa is characterized by its exquisite craftsmanship and the use of precious materials such as gold, silver, gemstones, and intricate embroidery.
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Chasuble for a Protestant church in Norway.

Chasuble for a Protestant church in Norway. Thanks to Gunnar Herleif Nilsen for the photos.
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Order for a diocesan set in the USA.

We are very grateful for this order of 180 vestments in total for a diocesan set in the USA.
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Vestments for the Anglican-Lutheran church

We proudly extend our selection to include paraments tailored for Anglican, Lutheran, and other Protestant churches. Embracing diversity, we present a wide array of premium-quality fabrics beyond our standard collection, each meticulously chosen to elevate the essence of every celebration.
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Banner for the USA - watch the video.

For the USA we are making this large banner to cover the full height of the Church. The design was fully developed in consultation with the customer.
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Chasubles for a well known abbey - watch the video.

For a well-known abbey we are working on a set of paraments for the concelebration. The customer chose the exclusive fabric and collaborated on the design.
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Stoles for college professors - watch the video

These stoles were completely custom made for professors at a well-known college in the Netherlands. Watch the production video here.
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Production of Roman chasuble - watch the video.

Of course, in addition to gothic and monastic chasubles, we also offer Roman models. This video shows the production of model 3986.
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Production of a large number of chasubles for France - watch the video.

We are working on a large number of chasubles for a French customer. These are produced on the light Pius fabric with an elegant yet sober embroidery.
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Banners with saints - watch the video


Velvet banner for a church in the USA - watch the video.


Chasuble 5328 in production - watch the video


Production of mouth masks - watch the video.

At the request of the community, we offered mouth masks when the demand outweighed the supply. Fortunately, the worst period of Covid19 is already behind us. When the need was high, we made our studio available overnight for the production of mouth masks. We are extremely grateful to our employees for their flexibility during this difficult period.
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Variant on existing drawing 3850.

Variant on existing drawing 3850. Existing drawings can of course also be adapted. After all, everything is custom work. A customer ordered a very successful variant of drawing 3850, this time finished with precious stones.
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Project starting from a photo

From this customer we received a photo of the room without our banners and altar cloths. After the customer received this visual, the order was confirmed and the customer received his order within 3 weeks. For the fabric composition, a sufficiently heavy fabric was chosen that is also easy to maintain.
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Photo project for customer in the USA

The customer received two examples of what his banner could look like from our design studio. In the end, the customer communicated his choice, based on a very realistic view of what the end result would look like. Here too we opted for a sufficiently heavy, but easy-to-maintain fabric and our application technique to achieve the result.
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Project for France

Project in which velvet, braids, machine embroidery and a refined parament fabric are united into a tailor-made parament for our customer.
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Custom vestment for customer in Sweden

The customer in Sweden required a beautiful embroidery of a design that he supplied. We used the matching embroidery and application techniques to create this exquisite vestment.
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Hand embroidery project on exclusive fabric

An exclusive fabric was chosen for the customer on which we embroider various motifs by hand. This gives a modest, but strong appearance with the expressive face of our Lord Christ as an eye-catcher.
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Banner for the US

True to the philosophy of our founder Hendrik Slabbinck, Slabbinck still manufactures banners. This banner on an exclusive velor fabric is made for a customer in the USA.
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Chasuble with printed medallion

Chasuble with printed medallion. We also process custom embroidered or printed medallions. This allows you to celebrate your patron saint or an element of your Church extra during the liturgy.
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Paraments for the Catholic University of Louvain

For the Catholic University of Louvain, we had the opportunity to develop paraments with a clear reference to the main mission of the University. We opted for machine embroidery on a lightweight Dupion fabric, so the chasuble falls smoothly and the text moves gracefully.
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Production of new cloth of wooden statues

Of course we not only restore robes for statues, but they can also be completely recreated. In this way the wooden statues are restored to their full glory.
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