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History, starting in 1903.

  • 1903

    Our company is born

    Founder Hendrik Slabbinck becomes "Master in the Guild of the Gold Embroiderers", and starts a workshop in his parents’ attic. Our company is born!
      Hendrik Slabbinck
  • After World War I

    After World War I contacts are made in Germany, Austria, Italy, USA and Canada.
  • 1923

    First catalogue in black and white is offered

  • 1924

    Second Generation, Maurice Slabbinck joins the company as an apprentice

  • Second World War

    Second World War. Unique “needle-painted” embroideries were made in order to keep our 18 workers in Brugge and out of the war industry.
  • 1961

    Marc Slabbinck, third generation joins the company

  • 1963

    Dirk Slabbinck, brother of Marc, joins the company

  • 1965

    Death of Hendrik Slabbinck

    Hendrik Slabbinck
    Hendrik Slabbinck
  • 1973

    First catalog printed in color

    First catalog printed in color Slabbinck
  • 1974

    New premises in the Lieven Bauwensstraat

    Move from the inner city to an industrial zone in Brugge.
  • 1999

    4th generation, Mirabel, Viktor and Mathias Slabbinck join the company

  • 2001


    In addition to our collection of religious textile, Mirabel Slabbinck starts a new collection of home linens ( This choice is a new step in our strategy to maintain a strong production unit in Brugge.
  • 2003 : centennial

    We celebrate our centennial in service of liturgy. We offer a concert to our customers and employees in the Concert Hall of Brugge. The third and fourth generation are actively serving our customers at this point.
  • 2013

    Dirk and Marc Slabbinck leave the company

    The fourth generation continues.
  • 2019

    Covid19 crisis

    In the Covid19 crisis, our company served the community through the production of mouth masks. In addition, we also cut all kinds of available fabrics so that citizens in Bruges could also sew mouth masks at home.
  • 2023

    Team Slabbinck is still passionedly serving liturgy worldwide

    Mirabel and Viktor Slabbinck are now in charge. Mathias Slabbinck left the company in 2018.
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