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Prisma, made of 45% wool and 55% man made fibre.
Width : 150 cm/59". Weight : 250 g/m2.

Sheep's wool is the only naturally occurring insulating material that keeps you warm and protects you from heat, cold and moisture. The uniqueness of the raw fibre sheep's wool also makes it a material with unique advantages in its end product.

This fabric is perfect for vestments for albs.

Prisma is a blend of 55% man-made fibre and 45% wool, guaranteeing the advantages of a man made fibre, but keeping the soft feel and the great looks of wool. The advantages of this blend are :
  • Man-made fibre is more moisture-wicking while wool is more absorbent.
  • Man-made fibre dries faster and does not wrinkle as easily as wool.
  • Man-made fibre is stronger and does not shrink.
Machine wash not recommended.

Washing instructions:
Dry clean only with petroleum solvent, if not available with perchlorenthylene, very short cycle.

To iron wool fabrics, it’s important to start with a cool iron and move slowly and steadily over the fabric. Be sure to work on a flat, smooth surface and start pressing along one edge of the fabric, working your way steadily across the length. As you move, be sure to apply even pressure on the iron. When you reach an end or corner, carefully lift and reposition the iron without moving it on top of previously-pressed areas. And when you’re finished, give your wool a gentle shake to release any remaining wrinkles before hanging or folding.

Storing vestments:
Keeping vestments clean and dry in storage is the most effective protection. In addition to this make sure that they are 100 percent dirt free before packing. Not only cloths but closets, trunks clean, and dresser drawers should also be clean. Please use a matching garment cover for protection.


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