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Jersey is a 100% man-made fibre.
Width : 160cm/63". Weight : 240 g/m2.

The advantages of man-made fibre are :

  1. Natural fibers are softer and more natural than their synthetic fiber counterparts but aren’t always as durable.
  2. Man made or regenerated fibers are often easier to care for than natural fibers without the need for special treatments such as dry cleaning.
  3. Synthetic fibers can be easily washed in hot water which you wouldn’t recommend with some animal or plant based fabrics. They can also offer better performance in terms of heat, making them great for areas of high humidity and wet climates.

Man-made fibers, such as polyester, offer a interesting alternative to natural fibers. Through the process of polymerization, these fibers are created by combining raw materials to form a versatile polymer. The resulting fibers provide a reliable and sustainable option for various applications and are a great choice for those seeking functional and practical textile solutions.

This fabric is perfect for albs due to the easy maintenance.

Washing instructions
Machine wash. Wash in warm suds, rinse well. Do not wring, hang wet to dry. No ironing needed.

Storing vestments
Keeping vestments clean and dry in storage is the most effective protection. In addition to this make sure that they are 100 percent dirt free before packing. Not only cloths but closets, trunks clean, and dresser drawers should also be clean. Please use a matching garment cover for protection.


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