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The KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA web site is made available to you, the user ("User"), on the provision that you accept the conditions and notifications contained in this document without modification. KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA reserves the right to modify the content or layout of this web site at its own discretion and without prior notice or to terminate the availability of this web site. Your access to this web site and the use thereof serve as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Use of the web site

The User accepts to use this web site as authorised under applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. In addition, the User consents to refrain from:

  1. deliberately altering, impairing or destroying the computer system, the network, the software, the programme, the records or the information available on this web site, owned by KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA or by a different user, or to do so without prior consent;
  2. using this web site in order to perform or endeavour to perform activities which are prohibited under law or inciting third parties to perform activities which are prohibited by law. All acts performed by the User which serve to prevent access to this web site either by other users or KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA, shall be deemed illicit.

Processing of Orders

We only sell direct to customers in Belgium or countries where we do not have a local dealer. Orders placed by Users from countries where we have a local dealer, shall be processed by that dealer. In countries where we have several dealers, the User shall be asked to choose the dealer of his preference.

Screening of web site use

Through the sheer act of using this system, the User expressly accepts that he/she and the activities he/she performs whilst visiting this web site may be subject to checks performed by the web site's administrator at all times. The User is also being apprised of the fact that system administrators are qualified to provide evidence to law enforcement officials of activities of a potentially criminal nature found during such checks. If the Users chooses not to accept such checks and scrutiny, he/she is hereby requested to log out from the system forthwith.

Declaration of forfeiture

KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA has brought every effort to bear to ensure the information presented on this web site is as recent, accurate and clear as possible. Nonetheless it is possible that the information listed contains inaccuracies. KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA declines all liability, specifically yet without limitation in reference to a section of the present Agreement, for involuntary errors and the accuracy of any news, financial information, details or any other kind of information which may be presented on the KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA web sites. News, financial information, details and information residing on the KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA servers has been compiled by KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA staff from a variety of sources and is subject to change without prior notice to the User. KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA offers no guarantees and makes no assertions with regard to the quality, content, comprehensiveness, suitability, accuracy, appropriateness, order sequence or any such properties of the contents of the web site.

Links to third party web sites

KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA web sites may at present or in the future contain links directing visitors to web sites administered by third parties. Web sites referred to from the KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA are not administered or supervised by KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA. KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA declines all responsibility and liability for all and any information, messages or materials presented on these or any such web sites, or on the web sites which are referred to in the links themselves. By including links to web sites administered and hosted by third parties, it is not KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA' intention to express any form of recommendation, endorsement or approval of said links or the products and/or services promoted by these links, merely to present these links for the ease and comfort of the User. Each third party web site is subject to its own set of rules and regulations with regard to the suitability of information for public consultation. The User remains fully responsible for using any third party links and references.

Intellectual ownership

The User accepts that the KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA web site contains intellectual ownership which is protected under trade mark, trade secret and/or copyright law. The User accepts not to use, multiply, copy or disseminate any part or section of this web site with its pertaining content, nor to use it as a basis for derived work or to undertake any other kind of action which may serve to infringe the intellectual property rights of KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA.
The brand KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA and its logo are registered brand names and protected as a European Trade Mark (CTM) N̊ 000020024 (registration 05/01/1998).

Acceptance of risk

Through the sheer use of the KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA web page for any which purpose, the Users accepts all risks related to the use of the web site and the separate web pages contained therein. This risk includes all and any risks of damage to the User's computer, software or information by viruses, softwares or other types of files transferred from or activated by a KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA web site or the consultation thereof by the User. The above enumeration is not limitative.
Under no condition can KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA be held liable for any direct, indirect, special, accidental, resulting or punitive damage with the inclusion of, be it not limited to, the loss of profit or loss of revenue, resulting from or in any way pertaining to the use or the erroneous use of the web site, or through any which information, lack of information, documents, records, software, services or any other materials obtained through a KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA web site. The User also duly accepts all and any risks resulting from the use of the web site, regardless of whether this is based on an agreement, an illicit act, civil liability or other, even in the event where KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA and/or one of its employees, branch offices or agents have been notified of the possibility of damage occuring. KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA declines all liability for any loss or any physical injury caused entirely or in part through an act on its part, through its negligence or conditions beyond its control, including the supply, compilation, demonstration or delivery of information or resulting from any which errors, negligences or inaccuracies in the information presented regardless of the cause underlying such, or as the result of a decision or acts or doings - whether or not performed - on the part of the User relying on the information presented or the lack of information.

Illegal use

UNDER NO CONDITION ARE USERS ALLOWED TO SEEK ACCESS TO OR ATTEMPT TO SEEK ACCESS TO KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA' COMPUTER SYSTEM, COMPUTER NETWORK OR ANY PART OR COMPONENT THEREOF, WITH A VIEW TO COMMITTING ANY WHICH FRAUDULENT ACT, TO COMMIT THEFT OR TO VIOLATE ANY LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAWS OR REGULATIONS. In the event of the illicit use of the web site or the unauthorised or illegitimate use by the User, KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA reserves the right to deny the User access to the web site or the right to use the web site or to ban the User from using the web site in future.

Use of interactive media

Insofar as this web site contains or may contain e-mail links, bulletin boards, discussion forums, chat rooms or other message or means of communications with regard to KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA and/or other users, the User accepts to use such forums for the purpose for which they are intended. Under no condition are users permitted to act counter to the law by using such forums for purposes such as, be it not limited to, slandering or bullying others, infringements of KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA' or third parties' intellectual property rights, posting or sending obscene or insultory material or the sending of viruses, distorted or mutilated files or other programmes which may serve to damage or alter this web site or the computers of KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA or any third party. KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA reserves the right to remove any which content from the web site for any which reason. The User acknowledges that materials posted by parties other than KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA or its branch offices onto the web site, are not endorsed by KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA and that any such messages or postings may not be deemed as having been inspected or approved by KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA.


The User accepts to compensate KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA, its officials, agents, staff and other workers operating under its supervision for all liability, costs, solicitors' fees and any damage resulting from or pertaining to the use of the web site in any which way, with the inclusion of claims in which facts are alleged which, if proven true, would constitute an infringement on the part of the User against the present terms and conditions.

No contractual relation

The User acknowledges that through the use of the web site no form of relationship, with the inclusion of - be it not limited to - partnerships, joint ventures, employment, contractual or agent relations shall be occasioned between the User and KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA or any of KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA' departments or members of staff.


The present Agreement is governed by applicable Belgian law. The User accepts the exclusivity of Belgian jurisdiction and the territorial jurisdiction of Belgium for all and any disputes resulting from or pertaining to the use of the web site. The use of the web site is not permitted in a jurisdiction which fails to execute all clauses and stipulations of these terms and conditions. The User irrevocably waives the right to resort to any form of statutory remedy or legal or any other form of redress or demurral which he/she may have at any which point with regard to the location of legal prosecution, lawsuits or legal claims resulting from or pertaining to the present Agreement instigated before such a court of law and irrevocably waives any claim that such criminal prosecution, lawsuit or legal claim be initiated before an inappropriate forum and furthermore irrevocably waives the right to demurral with regard to such a claim, legal prosecution, legal action or legal claim instigated before such a court of law, that such court of law has no authority over the User.

Applicable law

The execution on the part of KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA of the present Agreement is governed by existing law and due process of law. There is nothing in the present Agreement to affect KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA' right to meet with requests, petitions or requirements on the part of the law enforcement authorities with regard to the use of the web site by any which party or information furnished to or compiled by KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA regarding such use.


In the event sections of the present Agreement were found to be invalid or impossible to be put into effect as a result of applicable law, the invalid or inexecutable clause(s) is (are) to be considered as having been supplanted by a valid and executable term which concords closely with the aim and intent of the original clause(s), with the remainder of the Agreement standing unaffected and continuing to apply unabated.

Full Agreement

The present Agreement constitutes the full and utter Agreement between the User and KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA with regard to the web site. The present Agreement replaces all and any previous or similar announcements, messages or communications through any which means of communication between the User and KUNSTATELIERS SLABBINCK NV/SA with regard to the web site.

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